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b2b consultancy,7 Reasons Why You Need B2B Consultancy

7 Reasons Why You Need B2B Consultancy for Your Export Management

B2B consultancy is a service that helps businesses to expand their markets, increase their sales, and improve their customer relationships. B2B consultancy can provide expert advice, guidance, and support for export management, which is the process of planning, executing, and controlling the movement of goods and services across borders. In this article, we will explore the benefits of hiring a B2B consultant for your export management needs.

1. B2B consultancy can help you identify and access new markets A B2B consultant can conduct market research, analyze the opportunities and challenges, and recommend the best strategies to enter and grow in a foreign market. A B2B consultant can also help you find and connect with potential buyers, distributors, partners, and influencers in your target market.

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2. B2B consultancy can help you optimize your pricing and profitability. A B2B consultant can help you determine the optimal price for your products or services in different markets, taking into account factors such as demand, competition, costs, taxes, tariffs, and exchange rates. A B2B consultant can also help you negotiate better deals with your suppliers, customers, and intermediaries.

3. B2B consultancy can help you comply with local regulations and standards. A B2B consultant can help you understand and follow the rules and requirements of each market you operate in, such as product certification, labeling, packaging, documentation, customs clearance, and intellectual property protection. A B2B consultant can also help you avoid or resolve any legal disputes or issues that may arise.

4. B2B consultancy can help you manage your logistics and operations. A B2B consultant can help you plan and coordinate the transportation, storage, handling, and delivery of your products or services across borders. A B2B consultant can also help you optimize your inventory management, quality control, risk management, and customer service.

5. B2B consultancy can help you adapt your marketing and sales strategies. A B2B consultant can help you tailor your marketing and sales activities to suit the preferences, needs, and expectations of your target audience in each market. A B2B consultant can also help you create and implement effective campaigns to generate leads, conversions, and loyalty.

6. B2B consultancy can help you leverage your network and reputation. A B2B consultant can help you build and maintain strong relationships with your stakeholders in each market, such as government agencies, industry associations, media outlets, trade shows, and online platforms. A B2B consultant can also help you enhance your brand awareness, credibility, and trustworthiness among your potential and existing customers.

7. B2B consultancy can help you achieve your goals and objectives. A B2B consultant can help you define and measure your export performance indicators, such as sales volume, revenue growth, market share, customer satisfaction, and return on investment. A B2B consultant can also help you identify and overcome any challenges or obstacles that may hinder your export success.

As you can see, hiring a B2B consultant for your export management needs can bring many advantages to your business. A B2B consultant can provide you with the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to expand your horizons, increase your competitiveness, and grow your profits.

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 B2B Consultancy: A Growing Global Demand

B2B consultancy is a service that provides advice and guidance to businesses on various aspects of their operations, such as strategy, marketing, sales, technology, and innovation. B2B consultancy can help businesses improve their performance, solve problems, and achieve their goals.

 B2B Consultancy Market Size and Growth

According to Statista, the size of the global consulting market was 160 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and it is expected to grow to 170 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 . The consulting market includes various segments, such as management, strategy, operations, financial, IT, HR, and marketing consulting. Among these segments, management consulting is the largest one, accounting for about 40 percent of the total market .

The demand for B2B consultancy services has been increasing in recent years, driven by factors such as digital transformation, market disruption, customer expectations, and competitive pressure. According to McKinsey, B2B customers now regularly use ten or more channels to interact with suppliers (up from just five in 2016) . Moreover, buyers are more willing than ever before to spend big through remote or online sales channels, with 35 percent willing to spend $500,000 or more in a single transaction (up from 27 percent in February 2021) .

 B2B Consultancy Trends and Best Practices

To meet the growing and changing demand for B2B consultancy services, consultants need to adopt new trends and best practices that can enhance their value proposition and differentiation. Some of these trends and best practices are:

– Omnichannel excellence: B2B consultants need to provide seamless and consistent experiences across multiple channels, such as in-person, remote, and self-service. According to McKinsey, the more channels a sales organization deploys, the bigger the market share gains . Moreover, customers are clear on the five capabilities they most want from omnichannel: performance guarantees, real-time customer service, personalized offers, easy returns or cancellations, and loyalty rewards .
– Content marketing: B2B consultants need to create and distribute relevant and engaging content that can attract and educate potential and existing customers. According to Demand Gen, 81 percent of early-stage B2B buyers find listicles most relevant, while 72 percent prefer infographics and 66 percent enjoy blogs . Meanwhile, 58 percent of mid-stage buyers want to see assessments, 50 percent want webinars, and 40 percent are most interested in case studies .
– Webinars: B2B consultants need to leverage webinars as a powerful tool to generate top-of-the-funnel demand and showcase their expertise. According to Statista, webinars are the most effective channel in generating top-of-the-funnel demand for B2B marketers worldwide . Webinars can also help build trust and credibility with prospects and customers.










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