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Expand Your Reach:

  • Global Network: Access a vast pool of qualified coffee buyers from around the world. Rexcer.com connects you with serious international businesses actively searching for high-quality Vietnamese coffee.
  • Targeted Marketing: Go beyond traditional methods. Rexcer’s platform helps your coffee reach the right buyers through targeted product listings and buyer searches.

Simplify Transactions:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Manage your entire B2B sales process from one place. Secure deals, send invoices, and track orders efficiently through our user-friendly app.
  • Reduced Communication Hassles: Eliminate language barriers and communication delays. Rexcer facilitates smooth communication with international buyers, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

Boost Sales:

  • Competitive Visibility: Stand out from the crowd. Rexcer’s platform showcases your Vietnamese coffee alongside other top suppliers, increasing your visibility to potential buyers.
  • Competitive Pricing Tools: Attract international buyers with confidence. Rexcer provides tools to compare prices, set competitive offers, and close deals with ease.
  • Increased Sales Opportunities: Turn inquiries into sales. Rexcer generates qualified leads and connects you with buyers who are actively looking for your specific coffee offerings.

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Our Customer Quotes

“Trung Nguyen Coffee” Sales Team:“Since joining Rexcer.com, we’ve connected with buyers from Europe and North America. Their user-friendly platform made it easy to manage orders and secure deals, allowing us to expand our business internationally.”
“Dalat Robusta” Marketing Manager:“Rexcer.com helped us showcase our high-quality Robusta beans to a global audience. We’ve secured partnerships with leading coffee roasters, increasing our export volume by 30%.”
“Phinde Coffee Farm” Owner:“As a small-scale coffee farm, Rexcer.com provided us with the opportunity to connect with international buyers. The platform’s competitive pricing tools helped us attract buyers and increase our profit margins.”

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