Corn Exports by Country, A Guide for Farmers and Exporters

Corn Exports by Country

How to Increase Corn Exports by Country: A Guide for Farmers and Exporters

Corn is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed crops in the world. It has many uses, from food to feed to fuel. According to the World’s Top Exports website, the global value of corn exports in 2022 was $62.5 billion, an increase of 84.7% since 2018. The United States, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine and France were the top five exporters of corn, accounting for 77.3% of the total market share.

But how can farmers and exporters increase their corn exports and tap into this lucrative market? Here are some tips and strategies to consider:

Know your target market.

Different countries have different preferences, regulations and standards for corn imports. For example, China is the largest importer of corn in the world, but it also has strict requirements for quality, safety and traceability. Mexico is the second-largest importer of corn, but it mainly buys yellow corn for animal feed, while Japan prefers white corn for food processing. Therefore, it is important to research your potential buyers and tailor your product accordingly.

mprove your quality and productivity.

To compete in the global market, you need to produce high-quality corn that meets the expectations and specifications of your customers. This means adopting good agricultural practices, such as using improved seeds, fertilizers, irrigation, pest control and post-harvest management. You also need to increase your productivity and yield per hectare, which can reduce your production costs and increase your profitability.

Diversify your products and markets.

Corn can be processed into various products, such as starch, syrup, ethanol, oil and flour. These products have different applications and demand in different markets. For example, starch and syrup are used in food and beverage industries, ethanol is used as biofuel, oil is used for cooking and cosmetics, and flour is used for baking and tortillas. By diversifying your products, you can increase your value-added and reduce your dependence on a single market or product.

Seek certification and accreditation.

To access some markets, especially in Europe and Asia, you may need to obtain certification or accreditation for your corn products. This can demonstrate that your products meet certain standards of quality, safety, sustainability or social responsibility. For example, some buyers may require organic certification, non-GMO verification, fair trade certification or halal certification. Obtaining these certificates can give you a competitive edge and increase your market access.

Build relationships and networks.

To succeed in exporting corn, you need to establish and maintain good relationships with your buyers, suppliers, intermediaries and regulators. You need to communicate effectively, negotiate fairly, deliver on time and provide after-sales service. You also need to network with other stakeholders in the corn industry, such as associations, cooperatives, chambers of commerce, trade promotion agencies and embassies. These networks can help you access information, opportunities, support and advocacy.

By following these tips and strategies, you can increase your corn exports by country and benefit from the growing global demand for this versatile crop.

Corn Exports by Country: A Statistical Analysis

Corn is one of the most widely produced and consumed crops in the world, with significant economic and environmental impacts. In this blog post, we will analyze the statistics of corn exports by country, using data from World’s Top Exports and Statista. We will focus on three aspects: the top exporters, the export share and the export trends.

Top Exporters of Corn

According to World’s Top Exports, the top 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of corn in 2022 were:

  • United States: US$19 billion (30.5% of total corn exports)
  • Brazil: $12.3 billion (19.6%)
  • Argentina: $8.6 billion (13.8%)
  • Ukraine: $6 billion (9.6%)
  • France: $2.4 billion (3.8%)
  • Romania: $2 billion (3.2%)
  • Poland: $1.3 billion (2.1%)
  • South Africa: $1.2 billion (1.9%)
  • India: $1.12 billion (1.8%)
  • Paraguay: $1.09 billion (1.7%)
  • Hungary: $917.4 million (1.5%)
  • Russia: $705.2 million (1.1%)
  • Canada: $700.4 million (1.1%)
  • Myanmar: $658.4 million (1.1%)
  • Serbia: $420.9 million (0.7%)

These 15 countries accounted for 93.5% of the global corn exports in 2022, showing a high concentration of the market.

Export Share of Corn

According to Statista , the share of corn exports worldwide in 2022, by country, was as follows:

  • United States: 30%
  • Brazil: 20%
  • Argentina: 13%
  • Ukraine: 10%
  • France: 4%
  • Romania: 3%
  • Poland: 2%
  • South Africa: 2%
  • India: 2%
  • Paraguay: 2%
  • Others: 12%

Export Trends of Corn

According to World’s Top Exports, the value of globally exported corn increased by an average 84.7% for all exporting countries since 2018, when corn shipments were valued at $33.8 billion. From 2021 to 2022, the dollar amount paid for globally exported corn accelerated by 21.1%, starting from $51.6 billion.

Among the top exporters, the fastest-growing corn suppliers from 2021 to 2022 were:

  • Paraguay (up 1,343%)
  • Brazil (up 192.8%)
  • Poland (up 105.1%)
  • South Africa (up 49.8%)

These countries experienced a surge in their corn exports, mainly due to favorable weather conditions, increased production and strong demand from China and other markets.

On the other hand, some top suppliers posted declines in their exported corn sales, namely:

  • Serbia (down -30.6% from 2021)
  • Hungary (down -11.7%)
  • Argentina (down -5.1%)

These countries faced challenges such as droughts, pests, trade disputes and currency fluctuations that affected their corn exports.

In this blog post, we have analyzed the statistics of corn exports by country, using data from World’s Top Exports and Statista. We have seen that:

  • The United States, Brazil, Argentina and Ukraine were the top exporters of corn in 2022, accounting for over three-quarters of the global market.
  • The United States was the dominant exporter of corn, with a 30% share of the global market, followed by Brazil with 20%.
  • Paraguay, Brazil, Poland and South Africa were the fastest-growing corn suppliers from 2021 to 2022, while Serbia, Hungary and Argentina were the declining ones.

We hope you have found this blog post informative and interesting. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


Corn Exports by Country 2022 – World’s Top Exports

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