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The Top 5 Dropshipping Companies to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Dropshipping has exploded in popularity as a ecommerce and retail fulfillment model, allowing entrepreneurs to sell products online without maintaining inventory. The concept is simple: you build an online storefront, partner with a dropshipping supplier that stocks products, and sell items to customers. The supplier packages and ships orders directly on your behalf.

But finding reputable, reliable dropshipping partners is vital to success. Here are five of the best dropshipping companies that can power your fledgling ecommerce business or take established selling to the next level.

Leveraging Dropified’s Automation and Tools

Founded in 2016, Dropified has quickly become a foremost choice for U.S. online sellers. The Kentucky-based company offers an feature-packed platform that automates core parts of the dropshipping workflow.

Key benefits include easy integration with sites like Shopify, automated order routing, bulk product uploads, and shipping confirmation emails to customers. Dropified also provides analytics on sales and fulfillment efficiency.

The interface makes managing multiple suppliers and listings a breeze. As your ecommerce business scales, their premium plans offer perks like warehouse services, discounted shipping, and inventory feeds. For those new to dropshipping, Dropified provides ample educational resources.

Globally Sourced Goods Through Doba

With access to over two million products across a few hundred suppliers, Doba is a powerhouse dropshipper based in Utah. They source a diverse mix of goods from U.S. and international wholesale vendors.

A major perk of Doba is their global supplier network outside the standard domestic selection. Products from categories like furniture, jewelry, clothing, and health/beauty can be dropshipped from quality manufacturers around the world.

Doba offers a $67 per month starter plan that includes API access for easy integration with ecommerce platforms. Upgraded tiers provide purchase order automation and the ability to request custom product assortments tailored to your store’s focus.

The Targeted Inventory of Spocket

Featuring products specifically targeted at the fast-growing Shopify user base, Spocket aims to simplify dropshipping. Their catalog spans 50+ niches from electronics and beauty supplies to pet products and camping gear.

All items come from pre-vetted suppliers to ensure reliable fulfillment. Spocket allows you to easily search by product type or category, compare supplier options, and send orders with the click of a button.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for 20 products. Higher plans give bulk product pricing, faster supplier credit, and the ability to automate order processing using Zapier or ShipStation. Spocket also provides guidance on store setup to jumpstart dropshipping.

Leveraging AliExpress Through Alidropship

For online sellers that want to tap into the vast selection of affordable Chinese exports on AliExpress, Alidropship offers a streamlined solution. Their plugin integrates AliExpress inventory feeds directly into your WordPress or WooCommerce storefront.

You gain access to millions of products covering electronics, clothing, jewelry, household goods, and more. Alidropship automates syncing product info, description, images, and pricing. As orders come in, they are routed to suppliers with optimal shipping times and costs.

Alidropship provides a 30 day free trial to test the system. Paid plans start at just $47 per month for an unlimited AliExpress product catalog. Upgrades include order tracking IDs, bulk order processing, and fulfillment from additional Chinese suppliers.

Optimized Ecommerce Fulfillment with Oberlo

Oberlo gained fame as the first native integration between AliExpress and Shopify. Installation takes just a few minutes to sync your store. Oberlo makes search and product management a breeze thanks to bulk editing and automatic pricing tools.

The system adds tracking data once orders are fulfilled by suppliers. You also get access to metrics on processing and shipping times to identify lags. Reports provide insight on your best-selling items, margins, and other analytics to optimize the business.

Oberlo offers a free plan for budding merchants. Paid plans unlock more products and faster processing, with the top tier providing warehouse services for core products. Altogether, Oberlo makes maximizing AliExpress dropshipping a simple proposition.

Dropshipping represents an appealing business model for aspiring e-merchants – low startup cost, no inventory, expanded product selection. But choosing the right supplier partner is crucial. Services like Dropified, Doba, Spocket, Alidropship and Oberlo make the process much smoother. Take time to research the options and find the best fit.

The Rise of Dropshipping

The dropshipping sector has expanded rapidly in recent years. According to statistics from ecommerce platforms Shopify and BigCommerce, over 50% of their merchants utilise dropshipping in some capacity. Surveys by Dropified found that 78% of ecommerce stores plan to increase usage of dropshipping suppliers in 2023. Driving this growth is lower startup costs, flexibility, and access to wider product selection that dropshipping provides online sellers. Research by Oberlo indicates that the global dropshipping market is projected to reach $491 billion by 2028, more than double $183 billion in 2021.

U.S. Market Outpacing Global Demand

While dropshipping demand is climbing globally, U.S. ecommerce merchants are adopting the model fastest according to industry data. Shopify estimates indicate that American seller utilization of dropshipping grew by 65% in 2022 compared to 51% worldwide. A Pitney Bowes survey similarly found 87% of U.S. ecommerce businesses use some form of dropshipping, well ahead of Europe (68%) and APAC (62%). Factors like widespread access to suppliers via Shopify and Amazon, plus fast domestic shipping times and returns make the U.S. an ideal market for dropshipping.

China Retains Dominance for Suppliers

China continues supplying the lion’s share of global dropshipping inventory based on research by Alidropship, Spocket, and SaleHoo. Chinese manufacturers and platforms like AliExpress supply over 60% of all products sold through dropshippers. Factors enabling China’s dominance include expansive manufacturing capacity, low labor costs, and platforms connecting buyers and suppliers globally. But surveys indicate growing merchant interest in regional suppliers to reduce shipping times. About 32% of U.S. sellers now source from domestic suppliers per Alidropship.








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