Export Companies in Canada, Top 10 Export Companies

Export Companies in Canada

Top 10 Export Companies in Canada Powering International Trade

Canada is a major exporting nation, ranked 10th largest in the world with over $450 billion in exports annually. Various companies drive this export success through their global trading operations in natural resources, manufactured goods, technology and services. Here are 10 of Canada’s top exporters fueling cross-border commerce.

1. Kinross Gold Corporation

Headquartered in Toronto, Kinross Gold operates mines and projects across the Americas, West Africa and Russia. They are Canada’s largest gold mining company, exporting precious metals across the globe. With over 9,000 employees worldwide, Kinross shows Canadian mining expertise’s international reach. Major exports include gold and silver bullion.

2. McCain Foods

As the world’s largest producer of frozen French fries and a major supplier of pizza and appetizers, McCain Foods exports to over 160 countries from its Canadian headquarters. They operate 49 production facilities globally including 30 international sites. Major exports include frozen potato products, juices, beverages and snacks.

3. Bombardier

Bombardier is a global transportation company and one of Canada’s top aerospace and rail equipment exporters. From planes to trains, they design and manufacture aircraft, rail cars, subway systems and more for international clients. Major exports include commercial jets, rail vehicles and transit infrastructure systems.

4. Sunrise Soya Foods

As Canada’s largest tofu manufacturer, Sunrise Soya has been exporting their plant-based foods worldwide for over 30 years. They distribute to over 55 countries with soya foods and beverages produced in Vancouver and shipped globally. Major exports include tofu, soy milk, soy sauce and other soy proteins.

5. Methanex Corporation

Headquartered in Vancouver, Methanex is the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol. They operate production sites in Canada, the USA, Trinidad, Chile, New Zealand and Egypt with customers across North and South America, Europe and Asia. Major exports include methanol, a chemical compound used in manufacturing plastics, paints and more.

6. Canpotex

Canada is the world’s largest potash exporter, with Canpotex facilitating overseas sales and distribution. Owned by Nutrien and Mosaic potash producers, Canpotex ships Saskatchewan mined potash from Canadian west coast ports to Asia, Latin America and Europe. Potash is a key fertilizer nutrient in high demand worldwide.

7. OpenText

This enterprise information management software company exports its Canadian developed products and services worldwide. OpenText helps manage and integrate business information for enhanced analytics and compliance. They operate in over 100 countries with cloud services powering cross-border collaboration. Major exports include enterprise content management and business network software.

8. CAE

Known for flight simulators and pilot training services, CAE equip clients in the civil aviation, security, defence and healthcare industries in over 190 countries. Their simulation technologies exports worldwide help pilots and medical staff learn safely. Major exports include commercial/military flight simulators plus medical simulators.

9. AGT Foods

AGT Foods is a global leader in pulse and staple food processing and exporting. From their Saskatchewan headquarters, AGT supplies lentils, peas, beans and grains worldwide. Their distribution network across over 120 countries covers the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Major exports include lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and pasta.

10. Teledyne DALSA

This high-tech company develops and manufactures digital imaging products and components. Key innovations in machine vision, X-ray and infrared imaging find international buyers. Teledyne DALSA exports camera components, software, semiconductors and more to clients worldwide. Their technologies power imaging advancements in healthcare, transportation, electronics and manufacturing.

Canada’s diverse landscape of natural resources, manufacturing capabilities and tech innovations empowers companies here to export globally. As these top exporters show, Canadian businesses continue driving international trade through their worldwide reach and distribution networks.

Canada’s Exporters Thrive Despite Global Turmoil

Even with worldwide economic and political upheaval in recent years, data shows consistent growth among Canadian exporters. Total exports from Canada increased steadily each year from 2016 to 2019, rising from $433 billion to over $480 billion annually. This upward trajectory highlights the resilience and opportunity tapping global markets provides Canada’s export sector.

Several factors propelled this export expansion. A low Canadian dollar since 2014 makes exports more affordable to foreign buyers. Canada also continues securing new free trade agreements worldwide, reducing barriers to overseas sales. Export Development Canada provides robust financing and insurance options to help firms sell internationally. Investment in exporter training programs also aids growth.

Exports Driving Innovation and Diversity

Beyond stable growth, Canada’s export composition keeps evolving and diversifying. While natural resources like oil and minerals remain vital exports, manufactured goods and services now comprise over 60% of export value. Aerospace products, chemicals, machinery, metals, vehicles, plastics and more find robust demand overseas.

Technology and innovation underpin much of this manufacturing and services export success. Companies like OpenText, CAE and Teledyne DALSA export advanced software, simulators, imaging systems and analytics capabilities globally. Canada’s educated workforce and intellectual capital ply their expertise worldwide.








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