Shipping across the pond things to consider when shipping outside North America

Shipping across the pond things to consider when shipping outside North America


6 things you should know about shipping between North America, Mexico, and the rest of the world

What you need to know if you’re selling to foreign countries on the water

Canada Post, UPS have tools to help you find import restrictions and regulations for shipping from Canada to other countries

The advantages and disadvantages of using air freight or ocean freight to move your products from North America to the rest of the world

How long can it take for your product to get from North America to Canada? Here’s what you need to know

What you need to know about insurance for your exports, imports, and shipping products

The Import and Export Problems of North American Expansions

Shipping between Canada, the US and Mexico already has its problems, but what if you want to expand beyond North America? Many of the same import and export problems will occur, but you’ll have to consider some maritime aspects. Let’s look at six things that you should consider about the reasons that are affecting your North American exports.

Export Strategy and Foreign Trade: A Strategy for International Sailing Companies to Avoid Foreign Trade Barriers

If you sail internationally, your company should have an export strategy. Are your products capable of doing well outside their country of origin? If so, include this in your strategy: repatriatioExport potential: If your products are profitable at home, they are likely to be profitable in other countries with similar market conditions. But the cultures aren’t alike. Market research: is the target country a good market for your products? No. Does your country have a free-trade agreement with the country you’re selling to? Most companies do not require export licences, but Canadian companies must obtain a Business Number (BN) for import and export. Check also the list of restricted or prohibited imports for the country you are sailing to. Shipping a limited number of items may be expensive. Understanding the language barrier: Since English is the universal maritime language, you will not need to fill in the customs declaration in another language. However, when marketing your products in a foreign country, take into account the language barrier.

Customs clearance in Canada Post and UPS: a tool for importing and exporting goods

Canada Post has a useful tool for you to view import restrictions and regulations for each country or territory where you can send mail from Canada. UPS has a similar tool called TradeAbility that helps you estimate the costs of shipping from one country to another, find harmonized tariff codes, and find export licences. Working with a licensed customs broker can also help to smooth the customs clearance process. If you export your products outside North America, working with a licensed customs broker

Air Freight or Ocean Freight: Advantages and Disavantages

If you are sailing outside North America, you will have to use air freight or ocean freight to move your products. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider carefully before making your choices. Air transport from Canada or the USA to Europe may take from 3 to 9 days, depending on the size of your container. Sea transport from Canada or the USA may take from 3 to 9 days. Air transport from North America to China takes six to thirteen days. On the other hand, maritime freight transport takes much longer. Sea voyages from North America to Europe may take up to 30 days and from North America to Asia up to 45 days. sea shipping is cheaper than air transport. Air transport is faster but more expensive. Prices vary according to the transport service you choose and the volume of mail you send. You must choose either air freight or ocean freight according to your company’s needs. Do you have the budget for a more expensive air transport option or do you have the budget for a longer delivery period?

How Long Can Your Customers Wait for Your Next Order? The Longest Time to Order a

no matter what kind of transport you choose, the delivery time will always be longer if you are shipping outside North America. This may seem obvious, but many companies do not take into account the long time it takes to prepare an export plan. How long can your customers really wait? Shipping between the U.S. and Canada can last from one business day to two weeks, depending on what you’re carrying and how much you’re paying. delivery times can vary from three business days to six weeks or more when you are shipping outside North America. Your transport company can give you a more precise estimate and remember that the earlier the delivery date, the higher the price.

Protecting Your Imports and Exports against Sea Frequency

If you import or export products, you should insure against sea freight. If you sail outside North America, your shipment will be delayed longer and there’s a greater chance of being shot at en route. When you ship internationally, your products are likely to be damaged by someone else.
Your employees may be injured during the transport of your products, so it is always advisable to have good shipping insurance. For more details, please read our article on Protecting your imports and exports.

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