3 easy steps to get your itn

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Itn

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How to get your car into the US from Canada without having to pay a lot of extra fees

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Step 1: Importing a Car from the United States with a Customs Agent

Step 1: Contact your customs agent Contact your customs agent and tell them you can import a car. In the United States, car buying is done in a variety of ways, each requiring a different form of paperwork. Thank you. Your broker will ask for documents based on where you purchased your car and what you’re using it for.

How to get your car into the US from Canada without having to pay a lot of extra fees

Importation and Declaration of a Car in the United States

when using a carrier, name of the carrier, contact information and standard carrier alpha code (available from the carrier) You will receive an e-mail or telephone message to decide whether you want to go full importation by a broker or declare your car on your own. Before crossing to update ITN, please inform the customs broker if any details change before crossing, as this information will have to be sent to the Automatic Export System (AES). This includes the day of crossing and the place of crossing, as you need to cross in the same place as you indicated when you presented your ITN to the Commission. If you want to import your car yourself, see our useful self-declaration guide.

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