best dropshipping suppliers for shopify, 7 Best Dropshipping Suppliers

best dropshipping suppliers for shopify

7 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify in 2022

Dropshipping is a popular business model that allows you to sell products online without having to stock or ship them yourself. You simply partner with a dropshipping supplier who handles the inventory, fulfillment, and shipping for you. This way, you can focus on marketing and customer service, while saving time and money.

But how do you find the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform for dropshippers? There are many factors to consider, such as product quality, pricing, shipping speed, customer support, and compatibility with Shopify. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 7 best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify in 2022, based on our research and experience.

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1. Spocket
Spocket is one of the most popular and trusted dropshipping suppliers for Shopify, with over 50,000 merchants using their platform. Spocket offers a curated selection of high-quality products from reliable suppliers in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. You can find products in various niches, such as fashion, beauty, home decor, electronics, and more. Spocket also provides fast and affordable shipping, automated order fulfillment, branded invoicing, and 24/7 customer support. You can easily integrate Spocket with your Shopify store and start selling in minutes.

2. AliExpress
AliExpress is the largest and most well-known dropshipping supplier in the world, with millions of products across thousands of categories. You can find almost anything on AliExpress, from clothing and accessories to electronics and toys. AliExpress also offers competitive prices, free or low-cost shipping, buyer protection, and easy dispute resolution. However, AliExpress also has some drawbacks, such as long delivery times, variable product quality, and language barriers. You can use apps like Oberlo or DSers to connect AliExpress with your Shopify store and automate your dropshipping process.

3. SaleHoo
SaleHoo is a powerful dropshipping directory that connects you with over 8,000 verified suppliers and 2.5 million products. You can use SaleHoo to find niche products that are in high demand but low competition, such as vintage clothing, eco-friendly products, or pet supplies. SaleHoo also provides market research tools, customer support, and educational resources to help you succeed in dropshipping. You can integrate SaleHoo with your Shopify store using their app or API.

4. Modalyst
Modalyst is a dropshipping platform that specializes in trendy and unique products from independent brands and designers. You can find products in categories such as fashion, accessories, home decor, art, and more. Modalyst also offers fast shipping (within 3-8 days), inventory updates, order tracking, and customer service. You can sync Modalyst with your Shopify store using their app and start selling in a few clicks.

5. Wholesale2B
Wholesale2B is a dropshipping solution that gives you access to over 1 million products from over 100 suppliers. You can find products in various niches, such as electronics, health and beauty, sports and outdoors, and more. Wholesale2B also handles the order fulfillment and shipping for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can integrate Wholesale2B with your Shopify store using their app or API.

6. Doba
Doba is another dropshipping directory that connects you with over 200 suppliers and millions of products. You can browse products by category, price range, brand name, or keyword. Doba also provides inventory management tools, order fulfillment services, data feeds, and analytics. You can link Doba with your Shopify store using their app or API. offers wholesale distributors and manufacturers a simple and economical way to grow their business online
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7. Worldwide Brands
Worldwide Brands is a reputable dropshipping directory that has been in business since 1999. They have a strict verification process for their suppliers, ensuring that they are legitimate and trustworthy. You can find over 16 million products from over 9,000 suppliers on Worldwide Brands. You can also access market research tools, customer support, and training materials on their website. You can integrate Worldwide Brands with your Shopify store using their app or API.

These are some of the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify in 2022 that you can consider for your online store. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should do your own research and testing before choosing one. Remember that finding the right supplier is crucial for your dropshipping success.

The Rise of Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

Dropshipping is a popular ecommerce business model that allows online sellers to source products from third-party suppliers and ship them directly to customers, without having to manage inventory or logistics. Dropshipping suppliers for Shopify are apps or platforms that integrate with Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, and provide access to thousands of products from various niches and countries. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global dropshipping market size was valued at USD 102.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.8% from 2019 to 2025 .

The Benefits of Choosing US-Based Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

One of the main challenges of dropshipping is finding reliable and quality suppliers that can offer fast and affordable shipping options to customers. Many dropshippers source their products from China, where they can find cheap and diverse products, but they also face issues such as long delivery times, customs fees, language barriers, and quality control. That’s why more and more dropshippers are looking for US-based dropshipping suppliers for Shopify, especially if they target the US market or other countries with high demand for US products. Some of the benefits of choosing US-based dropshipping suppliers for Shopify are:

– Faster shipping times: US-based suppliers can offer domestic shipping options that can deliver products to customers within 2-5 days, compared to 2-4 weeks or more for international shipping from China.
– Higher customer satisfaction: Customers are more likely to trust and buy from online stores that offer fast and reliable shipping, and they are less likely to request refunds or leave negative reviews.
– Better product quality: US-based suppliers are subject to stricter quality standards and regulations than Chinese suppliers, and they often offer more unique and high-quality products that can stand out from the competition.
– Easier communication: US-based suppliers speak English and operate in the same time zone as US-based dropshippers, which makes communication and problem-solving easier and faster.

Some of the best US-based dropshipping suppliers for Shopify are Spocket , Modalyst , DropCommerce , Sellvia , and Printful . These suppliers offer a wide range of products from various niches, such as apparel, accessories, beauty, home decor, electronics, pet supplies, and more. They also integrate seamlessly with Shopify and offer features such as automated order fulfillment, real-time inventory updates, branded invoicing, product customization, and more.



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